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About Grant Transformers

A rich and long history of Australian ingenuity and engineering is what is offered in Grant Transformers.

Ron Grant founded Grant Electrical Industries Pty Ltd in 1931 originally, due to the depression of the error, the primary business at the time was that an electrical contractor, how it evolved over the years was quite impressive. One of Ron’s sayings, one which is adopted still today and which resonates with the current team at Grant Transformers “We’re constantly looking for products that the fellow down the road hasn’t got the ability to make… or think out or develop”

The initial work involved all types of electrical work including transformers.

With rapid growth during the 50’s and 60’s the company comprised the following divisions: –

  • Grant Electrical Switchboards
  • Grant Electrical Contractors
  • Grant Elevators (Elevator Sales)
  • Grant Transformers
  • Grant Bosch tools

The company employed over 80 employees in the 1980’s.

In 1992 the business was broken into:

  • Grant Transformers
  • Elevator Sales

Grant Transformers continued to grow and provide a range of all types of dry and epoxy transformers for industrial needs as well as specially designed DC systems.

Over the years Grant Transformers developed a high level of technical and manufacturing expertise.

A key part of this expertise was to understand how Grant Transformers were intending to use the transformer and translate this to technical requirements to enable a reliable product to be manufactured.

In this way Grant Transformers developed skills in being able to provide the customer the exact solution they required.

Grant Transformers provides solutions to electrical problems involving transformers or chokes with over a combined 75 years of experience still being used as the highest level of technical transformer advice

The products produced by Grant are manufactured utilising superior quality materials. Standard products employ Class “H”, winding wires and Class “H”, Nomex insulation and moulded coil Bobbins where used are manufactured from Class “F”, Glass filled flame retarded Nylon. Minimum Grade M3 and M4 Low Loss silicon steel is used in core manufacture. In other cases application specific core materials are utilised as required.


IT based design procedures are employed, ensuring that customer product requirements or specifications are fully met prior to commencing manufacture. This process also permits the designer to optimise important product features. The company adopts strict quality management protocol.

Grant provide details of the variety of standard type ferro-magnetic products which we manufacture or are able to supply.