Auto transformer

Auto transformer

Auto Transformer is an electrical transformer with one winding, a portion of which is common to both the primary and the secondary circuits. Thus, the primary and secondary trails share the same common single winding. So basically, it is a one winding transformer.

An Auto transformer is noted to work as a voltage regulator. Just as it is a one winding transformer, the auto transformer makes use of a common winding. Neither it offers any disturbance isolation nor does it have any interference. The current in the high–voltage circuit flows through the common windings and series. The low–voltage circuit’s current flows through the common winding and it adds vector ally to the current in the high–voltage circuit for giving the common winding current.

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Points of difference: Now the principle difference lying between an isolation transformer and an auto transformer is the separation of the secondary windings. The reason is that the auto transformers use a single coil winding for both the primary input and the secondary output. So, any electrical noise, voltage spikes, sags or any undesirable condition will pass through being unchecked. Since the auto transformer can directly transmit the line disturbances, therefore the building codes may prohibit their use in particular areas.

Auto transformers must not be used in closed data connection, because they are going to introduce a phase shift into the circuit that causes higher usage of power.

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Specialties of Grant Transformer Manufactured Auto Transformer:

  • Auto transformers are highly efficient in comparison to the winding transformers. The reason is due to lesser ohmic loss as well as core loss because of transformer material reduction.
  • These are featured with better voltage regulation since the voltage drop in reactance and resistance of the single winding is remarkably less.
  • An auto transformer’s primary and secondary windings are both liked together magnetically and electrically, thereby the costs involved is relatively lesser than the conventional transformers.
  • Being more efficient for the Volt-Ampere rating, the Auto transformers have additional specifications too. Their sizes are smaller and the copper used for constructing these machines are less so their cost is highly affordable when compared to the double wound transformers of similar Volt–Ampere rating.
  • The copper losses and their core along with the I2R are much lesser because of less resistance as well as leakage reactance which give a better quality voltage regulation in comparison to the analogous two winding transformer.

Functions of the Auto Transformer:

Autotransformers serve the purpose buck and boost transformer as it functions to increase or decrease the supply voltage by a minimum amount.

These are the excellent replacements for full transformers in case the voltage ratio is fairly small lower than four in between the primary and secondary. As a result, it is cost effective since it saves the cost of physical equipment as well as the area occupied by the equipment.

By means of the auto transformers, the supply voltage is decreased though it cannot be increased.

Metaphysical benefits of Auto Transformer supplied by Grant Transformers:

More than the rating for conventional transformer, the power rating for an auto transformer is much larger. The entire power gets transformed in the conventional transformer, while most of the power in an auto transformer is well conducted at a lofty potential. The result is that the autotransformer is small in size compared to a conventional transformer having the same rating.

There are additional advantages of the auto transformers when weighed against the same scale with the two winding transformers are:

  • Affordable by one and all. Grant Transformer never levies any additional charges.
  • Highly efficient since the losses remain the same while the rating increase in comparison to the conventional transformer.
  • The exciting current is much lower.
  • Voltage regulation is better.
  • The autotransformer is best.
  • The auto transformer is best to use as a starter for giving up to 50% to 60% full voltage to the squirrel cage induction’s stator at the time of starting.
  • These machines are excellent for boosting the distribution cables for correcting the voltage drop.
  • The auto transformers are even used to supplement the voltage regulator.
  • To suit the power transmission and distribution requirements as well as in the railways and audio systems, the auto transformers are the best.