Auxiliary Transformers

Auxiliary TransformersThe stepped down transformers are the auxiliary transformers which are meant for supplying the connected load inside the substation which include the fans and bulbs. Grant Transformer’s manufactured auxiliary transformers serve the purpose of supplying low voltage for AC power system held inside the substations inclusive of air conditioners, lighting, AC supply systems as well as DC power systems like the protection relays, Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) and the telecom systems. These stepped down of transformers have most suitably satisfied the clients with various lighting purposes, single–phase auxiliary production, train wagons heating. These setups are perfect for the protection and safety of the systems’ supply as well as for the own supply of the substation.

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Functions of the Auxiliary Transformers:

The Auxiliary transformers can also be said to be the Power Transformers since the power generating system’s auxiliary equipment receives power from these kinds of apparatus at the time of their normal operation. Being directly connected to the generator output with the help of the isolated phase bus duct, these auxiliary transformers are the most affordable power source to the generating station.

These are commonly available as three–winding transformer that is these auxiliary transformers comprise of just one primary winding and separate two secondary windings. The primary winding is normally equal to the voltage rating of the main generator. On the other hand, the secondary windings could be having various voltages, which are generally 6.9kilovolt or 11kilovokt according to the plant layout.

Catering to the customer’s demands is our responsibility; hence we satisfy them with their required switching transformer.

Importance of the Auxiliary Transformers:

At any point of time, business or a building could develop a requirement for the transformers, and the one in priority is Auxiliary transformer; then the best place to trust is the Grant Transformers. We are offering high–performance devices specifically designed to support abnormal voltage fluctuations. Our products even provide added convenience since it is inbuilt with low flux density. Another advantage of the apparatus is that these are the liquid based transformers and can securely function on liquids and mineral oil. Moreover, to suit the needs, the customers often demand auto transformer which they receive from us at a reliable cost price.

The favorable aspects of the Auxiliary Transformers:

Auxiliary transformers supplied by Grant Transformers are highly advantageous and are high in market demand, thereby leading in the competition. Our manufactured apparatus are assuredly durable and satisfy the clients with longer performance working life. At the same time, the company is careful to retain its convenient maintenance cost after a period of 20 years.

The major benefit of the auxiliary transformer is its low-voltage windings, whereby the consumers can keep the multiple generating units attached to the given auxiliary supply. Supplying excellent products to satisfy the demand, we ensure the features of the apparatuses are exact with their quality. As a result, we keep on inventing, experimenting, implementing and executing various techniques to stay ahead in the competition. The chief characteristics of these apparatus which define the ultimate functioning capabilities are:

  • Low loss designed apparatus
  • Specifically designed to suit the abnormal voltage fluctuations
  • Designed as Helical windings or Circular Disc
  • Supportable on certain liquids and mineral oil
  • Low flux density
  • Multiple low voltage windings justified for auxiliary supply in multiple generating units
  • In case of segregated bus flange, these are in according to the style of the substation with high voltage
  • Low voltage is there in the air terminal chamber apt for the cable bus and non–segregated bus throat added with flange to meet the bus connection

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