Chassis mount transformer

Chassis Mount Transformer

Why Chassis Mount is one of the best Transformer?

Chassis Mount Transformer can be of two types. A Chassis mount transformer is either an open frame auto transformers or an open frame isolation transformer. A Chassis Mount Transformer is essentially a particular transformer that is mounted on Chassis. To mount, Chassis Mount Transformer might need accessories like DC conversion which is used for rectifiers or it can be mounted on its own.   Then, these solutions are installed in the panel or switchboard of this type of Transformer. Voltage step up or voltage step down is required while installing on this Transformer that one has to mount on a Chassis.

Why Grant Transformer?

Grant Transformers’ Chassis Mount Transformers are designed to provide best performance when it is integrated into bridge circuits and full wave center tap circuits. Being integrated with Chassis Mount Transformer, these circuits carry out excellent performance in double voltage circuits at the half rate of current. Transformers that are mounted on Chassis offer a wide range of secondary nominal voltages.