Constant Voltage transformer

Constant Voltage TransformerImpressive Constant Voltage Transformer Manufactured For Use

The Constant Voltage Transformer or CVT in short was developed into a final product in order to offer a market solution which fully encompassed the true quality of supply in terms of cleaning dirty water.

Technical aspects of our Constant Voltage Transformer

The range spans 150VA to 20kVA single phase both air cooled and oil cooled. The product was designed in 50Hz and 60Hz due to demand for supply outside of Africa. These CVT devices depend on a technology that is radically different from either tap switches or servo electronic stabilizers. To keep the explanation simple, a Constant Voltage Transformer uses a loosely coupled saturated secondary winding resonated by a large capacitor. CVT’s have a wide regulation window, in some cases from –40% to +20%. They are extremely rugged. Other than the capacitors, which may need replacing from time to time, there are no electronic or mechanical parts to fail. They also have an inherent ability to suppress normal mode and inverse mode noise. Because of the saturation of these devices, impulse cannot penetrate the secondary winding.

Why should you avail our Constant Voltage Transformer?

Due to its inherent filtering ability, literally any amount of distortion can be supplied to the CVT and its resultant output waveform would exhibit no more than 3-5 % waveform distortion.

Because of its inherent current limiting ability, it is able to withstand overloads and short circuits on its output without any short-term damage. Due to this effect most Ferro resonant transformers are unable to service high current demands in excess of 125% – 150% without the secondary current limiting. This can be a disadvantage when supplying high inrush current loads. Efficiency is another concern. When it is completely loaded, efficiency approaches 90%, but when lightly loaded, it can be as low as 75-80%. Remember that no matter how light the load, the Constant Voltage Transformer must be driven into saturation. This uses energy even when unloaded.

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