Control Transformers

Control TransformersControl transformers can also be termed as isolation transformers. The chief function of the device is providing powerful voltage regulation. These devices are so designed for the crucial times like the period inrush current and overload conditions. At such times, the control transformers serve to suffice with secondary voltage stability of high degree for regulation. These apparatus have several names which are Machine Tool Transformers, Control Power Transformers, or Industrial Control Transformers. All these apparatuses are typically within 50 Volt–Ampere to 5000 Volt-Ampere.

Importance of the Control Transformers 

Our specialist technicians are here to offer a most fitting solution to the multiplying demand in the market for our manufactured power products. These are static machines required to transform power from one particular circuit to the other circuit but without incurring any change in frequency. Normally these static machines are used for transmission network that is normally said to be a power transformer.

On the other hand, another assisting power product, Distribution transformer is involved in the distribution network, and it is further categorized into a transformer of low rating, potential transformer, and current apparatus. Skilled technicians make use of these machines for protection purposes and for relays in the electrical power system as well as in various instruments in factories and industries which are termed as instrument transformer.

Why choose our manufactured control transformers?

Owning an assured quality process of administration, we make use of nothing other than superior class materials together with advanced methods, specially made equipment and machinery. All our devices are specifically designed and due to their precise designs are perfect for a recommendation.  Along with prompt dispatch of the devices, our products are choiceable and in demand owing to their features which are:

  • Reliability
  • Precise Design
  • Fine finish
  • Optimum performance
  • Durability
  • Newest Technology
  • Multiple capacity and size
  • Alternating magnetic flux
  • Differing electromotive force

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When Should A Control Transformer be Used?

Grant Transformer manufactured control transformers are best for usage where the persisting available voltage should be changed in order to properly accommodate the voltage as needed by the load. For a number of electric circuits, a neutral secondary connection derives separately as supplied by the three-phase electric power is required by the National Electrical Code.

We manufacture a variety of such beneficial products for the clients’ benefits to cater to the applications. The types range from dry–type apparatuses offered in either ventilated or non–ventilated form, or encapsulated, isolation type, 600 Volt Class, and single and three phases via 500 kVA. The other two viable options are the outdoor and indoor models.

It is possible to locate the Control transformers close to the load. Neither any Vaults are necessary to install the devices nor is there any need for expensive and long feeder lines. The essential common applications are the resistive and inductive loads like heating, lighting, and motors.

Mostly Viewed Applications of the Control Transformers:

Our customers fulfill their requirements from their required control transformers supplied to them in variety. At Grant Transformers, we are providing different types of combined primary and secondary voltages ranging from 120/240 primary voltage, the secondary voltage at 240 at 50/60 hertz up to 5000 Volt–Ampere rating, the secondary voltage at 24 at 50/60 hertz through primary voltage at 480.

Where our manufactured control transformers have a high demand?

The Control Transformer applications from our renowned company are hugely supplied to the following places:

  • Corporate Buildings
  • Institutional Buildings
  • Hospital and Nursing Homes
  • Education Centers like playgroup units, schools, and colleges
  • Industrial Plants
  • Commercial Buildings
  • High Rise Buildings
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Shopping Centers

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Uses of Control Transformers:

The control transformers are widely used in the electronic circuits which are in requirement of constant voltage and continuous supply of current coupled with low power or with the volt-ampere rating. Numerous filtering devices like the capacitors minimize the variation shown in the output. The ultimate result is additional constant current or voltage.

Specifically designed for the industrial applications which have incorporated the use of the electromagnetic devices like the solenoids and relays, there the control transformers work to maximize the regulation of output voltage and inrush capability at the time of initially energizing the electromagnetic devices.

High quality and best insulating materials are incorporated in the control transformers. This kind of insulation electrically insulates windings on every turns and layer. Even the primary to secondary windings to the ground are electrically insulated. Vacuum saturated with VT polyester resin, the apparatus are oven cured. The ultimate result is that the surface is sealed and gets the moisture eliminated. A strong and sturdy mechanical bond gets created after the entire unit is filled; hence it is protected from the environment.