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inside distribution transformer

OIL IMMERSED DISTRIBUTION TRANSFORMERS with conservator is equipped with an expansion tank or conservator mounted above the main tank. The expansion of the insulating liquid is compensated inside the conservator by the raising of the oil level. In the conservator the top of the oil is in contact with the air which must remain dry to avoid any oxidation. This is achieved by admitting the outside air in the conservator through a desiccating device containing silica-gel crystals.

Distribution transformer


  • Distribution Networks
  • Private Properties
  • Agriculture – Irrigation
  • GSM Base Stations
  • Industrial Buildings


  • Up to 36kV and 5MVA
  • 50-60Hz.
  • Single, Dual, Three Phase
  • Mineral Oil, Silicone Oil, Bio Degradable Eco Friendly oil Application
  • Ability to comply with IEC, BS, EcoDesign, Meps and other common used standards.
power rating of oil immersed distribution transformer with conservator tank type