Distribution Transformers

Distribution Transformers

CAST RESIN DRY Type Transformer 


Grant Transformers
is capable of supplying cast resin dry type transformers with below given technical characteristics according to customer requirements.

Insulation Material Temperature Classes:

F (155°C) and H (180°C)

Low Voltage Winding Technology:

Pre impregnated with heat-activated epoxy resin.

Casted with epoxy resin under vacuum

High Voltage Winding Technology:

Casted with quartz filled epoxy resin under vacuum

Casted with glass-fibre reinforced epoxy resin under vacuum

The product range of Grant Transformers reaches 5MVA and 36kV class by its OEM’s dedicated manufacturing facility and engineering capabilities.

Advantages of cast resin dry type transformers:

• High overload capability
• Excellent endurance to short circuits and seismic conditions
• Flexibility during engineering to fulfill customer’s expectations
• Installation at harsh environmental conditions (very low ambient temperatures, high humidity) possible
• Long-time overload up to %40 with fan system.

Application Field

Grant Transformers standard distribution transformers with normal, low and very low losses and custom made special transformers from 10kVA to 5MVA and system voltage up to 36kV.

Special Application Fields:

• Power transformers
• Renewable energies (wind and photovoltaic)
• Traction applications
• Rectifier transformers with 3 or 4 windings
• Marine
• Oil and gas platforms
• Industrial cranes
• Transformers with on-load tap changer
• Earthing transformer
• Excitation transformers
• Transformers for mobile substations
• Generator step-up
• Mining
• Auto transformers
• Monophase transformers


When requested, Grant Transformers is also capable of delivering the transformers with enclosures suitable for indoor/outdoor environment with protection degree of IP20 up to IP55. Cable/ busbar connections to the transformer with enclosure can be maintained according to customer’s request. (Connection by air filled cable termination box, cable/busbar entrance from top/bottom/side, etc.)



Standard Accessories

• Temperature control system
* PT-100 temperature sensors at each LV coil
* Digital temperature control relay with 2 contacts
* Digital display
* Automatic control of fans if they’re present
* Alarm and trip signals are generated if the temperature exceeds pre-set values
* Types with ability for connection to SCADA system (Optional)

Optional Accessories

• Fan system
*  %40 power increase for short period of time is possible
* Automatically controlled by temperature control system

• Anti-vibration pads
• Surge arresters
• Space heaters
• Plug-in bushings, Bushings
• Current transformers
• Marshalling box
• Cover for tapping area












Oil Type Transformers

Distribution transformers are used in urban distribution systems, buildings and industrial plants. Grant Transformers supplies distribution transformers for all kinds of needs with its OEM experience dating back to 1973, as well as its OEM’s modern design and production plants. Design of all kinds of oil-immersed distribution transformers below 12,5MVA and 36kV are supplied by Grant Transformers and their OEM design team according to the principles of maximum efficiency, compactness and endurance in compliance with customer demands.

Distribution Transformers
Distribution transformers are essential components of distribution grids and transmission grids. They are used in industrial plants, houses and in lighting networks. Their designs are made in compliance with different specifications of local power administrations throughout the world, as well as utilization in industrial plants.

  • Up to 12,5MVA, 36kV.
  • The most widely-used, most diversified transformers.

Rectifier Transformers
Rectifier transformers are used for feeding speed control drives, DC motor drives, load elevators and rolling mills. Grant Transformers supply rectifier transformers according to required voltage and frequency.

Up to 20MVA and 36kV
6 and 12- pulsed

Earthing Transformers
Earthing transformers are used for creating a neural point that can be connected to the ground for systems fed with delta connected coil. They can not only used only for grounding, but they can also provide output to meet service needs. (auxrliory)

Up to 36kV.
In ZN, ZNyn and YN(d) connection groups.
Designs made with different currents and periods according to customer requirements.

Magnetic Control Reactor Type HV Static Reactive Compensator

Application: applicable in the system where reactive power load changes frequently, such as wind power, PV power plants, electric arc furnaces, rolling mills, mine hoist, electric locomotives and other high-pressure systems.


Max. Capacity of MCR branch line: 10000kvar

Max. Capacity of FC branch: 20000kvar



Fast tracking reactive power regulation, using magnetic valve type controllable saturated reactor. Low active power loss and quick response Optical-isolating phase-moving triggering technology adopted, light transmission phase-moving triggering, small size.

Triggered by, light phase separation technique, light transmission phase trigger, equipment and small size.

Control components adopt LV thyristors, safe and reliable; maintenance-free, long life.

Multi-CPU parallel processing technology adopted and high automation degree realized, enabling various kinds of data transmission and “four remote” function.