Grant Transformers Team

Marco- Chief Executive Officer
Marco has over 17 years’ experience having joined Ferro Resonant Technologies (FerroTech) in 2001. His area of expertise is in electrical engineering and manufacturing and has a passion for engaging with customers who require a specialized solutions that exactly meets their need. Having studied Electronics and Business Management Marco has experience to both handle commercial and complex customer needs. He has an excellent record of commitment to completion with superior outcomes for the customer. Marco enjoys playing golf and tennis as well as being a committed father and husband.  Marco is also a closet petrol head and secretly looks for an old car to add value to. Marco’s focus is growing Grant Transformer’s customer base by understanding customers goals and becoming a part of the customer’s team.

Rohan- Director
Rohan started his career in Risk Management and travelled extensively in Asia Pacific in his role as Risk Manager for Chubb Insurance.  A career change saw Rohan buy his first transformer company in 2002 and the rest is history. Rohan has a passion for business, manufacturing and investment, having completed his Mechanical Engineering degree and MBA to further embrace these two fields.  A big part of this is a focus is on helping to solve customers’ problems with engineering solutions.  This has been Rohan’s consistent focus regardless of the industry engaged in. Rohan’s interests outside of work is inevitably home or car projects as well as travel.  The journey is as important as the destination.

Bill- Senior Electrical Engineer
Bill completed his Masters of Electrical Engineering at NSW University in 2011 after which he joined the team at Grant Transformers.  Bill’s final thesis was carried out on transformer performance parameters. Bill is responsible for the extended engineering and design work for Grant Transformers.  Bill’s strength is clarity of the customer’s application and requirements.  It is only when we fully understand the customers’ requirements and challenges can we ensure that our solution will meet the customers’ expectations. Outside of work Bill is a committed parent of two young daughters, which ensures Bill is challenged outside of work as well as at work.  Bill is committed to better living through continuous improvement and understanding.

Nick- Service Delivery Manager
Nick has been with Grant Transformers for over 28 years. Nick takes pride in ensuring that quality products leaves our factory. Nick has a great ability in that Nick can complete each of the processes. There is not a job to big or small that Nick can’t take on in the factory and is always willing to go the extra mile for our customers. In Nick’s spare time, he is blazing down the dirt tracks as a co-pilot in competitive off-road racing and enjoys spending time with this son and wife over weekends.

Randula- Mechanical/ Project Engineer
Randula- Mechanical/ Project Engineer Randula is a Graduate Mechanical Engineer from Curtin University with experience in mechanical design, machining processes, Solid Works and AutoCAD. Randula fills the role on internal sales and admin support which includes engineering support works as well. Randula is both approachable and enthusiastic in assisting customer requests and is enjoying the current learning process across multiple disciplines within Grant Transformers. Randula is a avid and very skilful chess player in his spare time.

Cherra- Office Administrator
Cherra completed her BS of Science in Business Administration with a Major in Financial Management. With this skill and experience in admin, Cherra spends her time keeping all matters of admin in order and supports the companies commercial requirements as well. Cherra enthusiastically assists with customer requests and enjoys keeping the team in line regarding paperwork and filing. There is nothing Cherra doesn’t mind getting stuck into and is a real team player.