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Marco- Chief Executive Officer
Marco has over 21 years’ experience having joined Ferro Resonant Technologies (FerroTech) in 2001, he is the CEO of Grant Transformers and the Managing Director of Antipodes Power Solutions (a power conditioning and renewables specialist). His area of expertise is in electrical engineering and manufacturing and has a passion for engaging with customers who require a specialized solutions that exactly meets their need. Having studied Electronics and Business Management Marco has experience to both handle commercial and complex customer needs. He has an excellent record of commitment to completion with superior outcomes for the customer. Marco enjoys playing golf and tennis as well as being a committed father and husband. Marco is also a closet petrol head and secretly looks for an old car to add value to. Marco’s focus is growing Grant Transformer’s customer base by understanding customers goals and becoming a part of the customer’s team.

Rohan- Director
Rohan started his career in Risk Management and travelled extensively in Asia Pacific in his role as Risk Manager for Chubb Insurance. A career change saw Rohan buy his first transformer company in 2002 and the rest is history. Rohan has a passion for business, manufacturing and investment, having completed his Mechanical Engineering degree and MBA to further embrace these two fields. A big part of this is a focus is on helping to solve customers’ problems with engineering solutions. This has been Rohan’s consistent focus regardless of the industry engaged in. Rohan’s interests outside of work is inevitably home or car projects as well as travel. The journey is as important as the destination.

Kevin- Engineering Manager
Kevin joined Grant Transformers sister company in NSW 8 years ago and has undergone intensive training on transformer design and manufacturing. Kevin was offered the role of Engineering Manager at Grant Transformers in 2021 and prompted Kevin to move from NSW to WA to support the growth of Grant Transformers in various sectors. Kevin is a professional problem solver and electrical engineer with a passion for sustainable energy. Kevin is responsible for all matters technical at the company and support internal engineers and customers with all matters electrical engineering. Kevin’s strengths is in being able to see the possibilities beyond what is present, obvious, and known, thriving on technical challenges and complex engineering projects and balancing speed with an unfaltering focus on quality and safety.

Bernardo- Production Manager
Bernardo has a Master of Engineering with Electrical Major and an Advanced Diploma of Business. Bernardo brings a fresh approach to challenging jobs in the factory with a high level of technical integrity on all works produced in the Grant factory. There is no job to small or large that he will not get stuck into. With a strong customer focus, meeting promised delivery times is a top priority.

Sagar- Project Manager
Sagar Patel has over 10 years’ experience in resources, industrial, commercial sector projects from FAT Inspection to construction completion. Some of Sagars previous roles included Stakeholder management, commissioning management, quality management and contracts management, which are used in his current day to day tasks. One of Sagar’s strengths is his ability to be able to think out the box and work time efficiently. Clients can be assured that Sagar is working towards the same goals as theirs. In Sagar’s spare time, he focuses on his young family and is constantly working towards achieving the family’s short term goals.

Cherra- Admin Manager
Cherra completed her BS of Science in Business Administration with a Major in Financial Management. With this skill and experience in admin, Cherra spends her time keeping all matters of admin in order and supports the companies commercial requirements as well. Cherra enthusiastically assists with customer requests and enjoys keeping the team in line regarding paperwork and filing. There is nothing Cherra doesn’t mind getting stuck into and is a real team player.

Bruno- Mechanical Projects Engineer 
Bruno’s background is in mechanical engineering, specialising in the design of mechanical parts and the production of professional drawings. His passion is centred on everything related to the design of industrial machines. With a Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Bruno undertakes complex drafting projects for clients which require a high level of engineering documentation which includes loading analysis and temperature rise simulations.

Sai- Sales Electrical Engineer
Sai is a qualified electrical engineer with a Masters in Electrical Power Engineering. Sai enjoys applying his analytical skills in our fast-paced technical office and working on challenging engineering solutions. He is responsible for estimating and preparing technical offers to our clients while ensuring complains to clients specifications.

Imran- Sales Electrical Engineer
Imran is an engineering professional having 11+ years of experience in EPC of power plant, emergency maintenance, project management, estimation and commissioning of HV, MV & LV equipment. Efficient interpersonal & communication abilities with good range of technical skills will ensure our customers RFQ’s and Tender Requests have careful oversight and technical competence.

Bozena- Reception/ Admin 
Bozena is hard working and has great time management and administration skills, with a qualification in admin this ensures accuracy and professionalism with our stakeholders. She has extensive experience working in various employment fields and offers a range of capabilities to support the internal office and sales processes of Grant Transformers.

Ed- Project Drafts Engineer
An electrical engineer by profession with more than 15 years combined experience in Geothermal Power Plant Engineering from construction, test and commissioning, operation and maintenance to power plant preservation. Ed has practical knowledge in Distributed Control System (DCS), Occupational Safety and Health, NFPA 70E Standards, Permit to Work & LOTO (Lock-Out/Tag-Out/Test-Out) implementation. Ed is also proficient in AutoCAD software operation and ensure our complex and bespoke engineering solutions are reflected clearly in detailed engineering drawings to our clients before any production begins.

Rob- Leading Hand
Rob commenced with the ABB Australia in 1988 in the Insulation Department primarily cutting wraps, cutting duck sticks and bending insulation boards. He then moved on to Core Building – Small Distribution and Power Combined focusing on earthing transformers. rob has extensive experience in Core Building Assembly, Small Distribution Transformer Tanking and Refurbishment and Repairs, Large Core Coil Assembly and Connections and Final Transformer Assembly. Rob fills the role of mentoring the service and projects department of Grant Transformers while ensuring every distribution or power transformer leaves our Malaga factory with the look and finish we can be proud of.

Kez- Testing Engineer/ QC
Kez has a Masters in Electrical Power Engineering which he utilizes to implement innovative ideas in the specialisation of transformer testing. Kez aims to foster teamwork in achieving the goals of the company. As the Head of Operations and Maintenance unit in his previous role overseas, (which involved ensuring the reliability of distribution lines and substations). Kez ensures adherence to best operation and maintenance practices at our testing facility ensuring best customer outcomes.

Dilesh- Electrical Projects Engineer

Dilesh is an experienced electrical engineer with experience in engineering project management, sales of Electrical technical solutions and products in both power distribution (ELV to HV) and renewable energy. Responsible and able to independently work on projects and tasks of any nature. Able to troubleshoot and solve problems in a project and come up with a solution.