Grounding Transformers are designed for providing an artificial neutral point for ungrounded three phase power systems. During the line-to-ground faults, grounding transformers provide an easy path to ground faults to limit the fault currents and transient over voltages.

Grounding transformers normally carry short-circuit ground current until the circuit breaker clears the fault. Therefore, they have short time ratings.

The kVA rating of a earthing transformer depends on the normal line to neutral voltage and the fault current value for a specified time, such as seconds to minutes


Test List

  • Visual & Dimensional Check
  • Measurement of Voltage Ratio
  • Measurement of Winding Resistance
  • Measurement of Zero Sequence Impedance
  • Measurement of No-Load Loss and Current
  • Measurement of Short-Circuit Impedance and Load Loss
  • Dielectric Tests
  • Separate Source AC Withstand Voltage Test
  • Induced AC Withstand Voltage Test
  • Lightning Impulse Test
  • Temperature Rise Test
  • Final Check

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