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energy efficient oil immersed transformer

Oil immersed transformers, also called oil filled transformers or oil cooled transformers, is a voltage transformation device utilizing oil cooling methodology to reduce the transformer temperature. Different from the dry type transformer, the body of oil immersed transformer is installed in a welded steel oil tank filled with insulation oil. When an oil immersed transformer is in operation, the heat of coil and iron core firstly is transferred to the insulation oil and then to the cooling medium. According to the capacity ratings, it can be divided into immersed natural cooling transformer and immersed forced air cooling transformer.With our standard design of ENERGY EFFICIENT OIL IMMERSED TRANSFORMERS we achieve a high quality transformers that will give our customers piece of mind.

oil filled transformers

Grant Transformers values its environment, nature and atmosphere. Therefore we always strive towards innovation which may positively affect our environment. Grant Transformers supplies Eco-Friendly wound core transformers beyond the latest efficiency standards such as European Directive 2009/125/ EC and MEPS.

Grant Transformers produces transformers according to customer demands in compliance with referred standard.

  • Less Carbon footprint
  • More than 20% Lower Losses
  • Higher efficiency
  • Compact design
  • Very Low Noise level
  • Fully Complies with European Directive 2009/125/ ECk
power rating for echo designed oil immersed transformer