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Power transformers

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A power transformer is a passive electromagnetic device that transfers energy from one circuit to another circuit by means of inductive coupling. Power transformers differ from other transformer types in that they are designed to comply with regulatory requirements for mains power interfacing, working
at mains voltages and relatively high currents. The most important specification of a power transformer is its primary to secondary transformer galvanic
isolation, which is usually specified in kV. This is a fundamental safety aspect in protecting humans from potentially lethal earth fault conditions.

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Grant Transformer Supplies and produces Power Transformers for different countries and applications with expert engineering team and latest technologies.


Public Grid
Step Down / Step Up Transformer Substations
Industrial Production facilities (Glass, Steel, Cement, Mining etc)


Up to 36kV and 30MVA.
3 Phase.
With On Load / Off Load Tap Changer.
According to client demands, site conditions and referred standard.
Comply with IEC, BS, TSE and other common used standards.