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Compact substations are the best choice for ease of transport and low installation costs. They also require little upkeep. However, each project has its own set of requirements. Grant Transformer combines extensive local knowledge with design and manufacturing capabilities to create custom kiosks and compact substations. HV switchgear and distribution transformers of various sizes and configurations can be included in these solutions, we can allocate space for vendors LV switchboards if required too.  

Grant Transformer’s modular design makes it far easier to replace all major equipment than other providers’ solutions. Personnel can inspect terminations and instrumentation through large doors on the transformer bays. Our kiosks are available in a variety of layouts to allow for the most appropriate installation for the client’s needs. Back-to-back switchgear configurations for kiosks allow for easy extension of LV switchboards to meet project requirements without expanding the kiosk’s profile.  

Kiosk Transformer Substation We stock 

As the latest generation of mining and heavy industry modular kiosks, Grant Transformers’ range of standard and custom-designed transportable kiosks leads the market. We have conceptually redesigned the kiosk building blocks to suit multiple applications while reducing manufacturing lead times and material costs, building on previous success. 

Our design allows for extremely short factory assembly times, making it ideal for both short-term emergency response services and long-term repair plant applications. The kiosk is designed to house a variety of MV and LV equipment in an outdoor weatherproof enclosure with compartment segregation. The modular design allows for multiple compartments as needed, each sized to fit the specific equipment. 

RMUs and Distribution Transformers are installed, wired, and FAT / pre-commissioned prior to despatch from our factory. The exterior modular panels and framework are intended to withstand harsh site conditions while also allowing for flexibility. 

The transformer oil bund, cable ladder, and lifting points are all integrated into a solid base frame for safe and easy transportation. The sheet steelwork for the Kiosk is available in mild steel, stainless steel 304 or 316. These are available in UV stabilised powder coated finishes in RAL colors. Galvanized bases are standard offer.  

Grant Transformers Can Retrofit a Kiosk Transformer to Meet Your Needs 

Keeping the customer’s specifications in mind, each compartment is outfitted with all necessary equipment. Both ends of the transformer compartments have M.V and L.V compartments. 

  • The kiosk substation is fully assembled at our factory and delivered to the site as a single unit. 
  • On customer request, galvanised sheet steel, Aluzinc, or Al Sheets are used for mainframes. 
  • According to the project specifications, the main base is made of NPU or 4mm steel. 
  • For the cover, epoxy dust powder paint was used. 
  • The kiosk is built in accordance with EN 62271-202. 
  • The walls and roofs are double-layered, with eps or rock walls. 

Kiosk substations are an essential component of the overall electrical network. These substations provide usable electrical voltage to homes and buildings by converting high voltage to lower voltage within a safe, protective unit. 

Kiosk-type substations are self-contained metallic structures that are environmentally controlled and consist of MV switchgear, Transformers, LV panels, or other variations as required by the customer. 

Kiosk substations can be built in a variety of configurations to fit the available space and are appropriate for use in industrial, commercial, and residential complexes. The kiosk has three main compartments: 

  • Compartment for Medium Voltage 
  • Compartment for the transformer 
  • Compartment for low voltage 

Benefits of Kiosk Transformer 

The use of kiosk substations enables a modular, demand-based approach to meeting power needs throughout a site. Compact, modular design kiosks enable primary supply power to be distributed much closer to where it is needed, lowering installation costs and project timelines. Civil construction, trenching, cables, and opportunity costs from reduced downtime on existing systems all result in cost savings. 

The following are the primary advantages of a kiosk substation:  

  • Significant cost savings for remote installations  
  • There’s no need for a transformer compound. There are no concrete walls, fencing, deep excavations, or blue rock.  
  • Installation of a simple pad or plinth. HV termination is possible due to the large channel base with cutouts.  
  • Pre-terminated transformer-to-HV switchgear and LV switchboard connections  
  • Prior to arrival on site, all components were commissioned and tested, and verified.  
  • Small physical footprint while being close to the plant, other services, and buildings  

Kiosk Transformer Applications 

Our kiosk’s integrated Remote Operator Panels (ROP) enable HV switching to be performed away from the switchgear without the need to open the kiosk compartment zones. This increases safety and serves as an interface point for all remote switching wiring required on-site. Remote Telemetry Units (RTUs) can be installed in our kiosks, allowing control testing to be completed prior to installation. This ensures a safer, pre-verified system that can be implemented more quickly and confidently on-site.  

Grant Transformers kiosks are also outfitted with battery chargers and backup battery supplies, allowing switchgear to be switched even when the main power is out. Specific batteries designed to withstand extreme temperatures and have a long life cycle have been used. These will keep telemetry systems and ROP controls operational so that diagnostics and switching can be performed as needed.  

While working, you can request specific HV control compartment designs or modifications. Siemens and SEL protection relays are available, or any other brand can be specified and integrated, along with full protection studies, configuration, and testing of protection relays.  


The following are the primary advantages of a Grant Transformers kiosk substation:  

  • Remote Control Panels  
  • Units for Integrated Remote Telemetry  
  • Battery backup and charger for harsh environments  
  • Protection Grading, configuration, and testing of relays  
  • Complete pre-commissioning prior to installation  

Contact Grant Transformers for Kiosk Transformer Substation 

While there are several kiosk substation providers, Grant Transformers focuses on ensuring that each kiosk is fit for purpose and designed to meet the needs of the client or board provider/ integrators, while maintaining quality and managing costs. The additional design layers built into our product significantly increase the benefits of using a kiosk substation.  

The Kiosk Substation is a staple in today’s landscape of electrical turnkey solutions provided to the mining and heavy industry sector. This is due to their flexibility, adaptability and low infrastructure costs compared to more traditional substation designs.