Isolation Transformers

Isolation transformersGrant Transformers manufacture a range of isolation transformers for various applications. Our varied ranges of isolation transformers cover both single phase isolation transformer type and three phase isolation transformer type.

The specialist manufactured isolation transformers are designed with an input voltage on the transformer and an output voltage on the transformer. We even offer the isolation power transformers as air-cooled enclosed transformers or air-cooled open type transformers along with Epoxy and oil cooled isolation transformers. Earth screens can be wound into these apparatus to offer extra inherent protection to the customers’ load.

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What is meant by the Isolation Transformers?

An isolation transformers is defined as the device which functions in electrical power transference from alternating current power source to a particular electrical device to upkeep the safety purposes. The power device and the power source are separated from each other owing to the security purposes.

We produce these apparatuses using two copper coils. Our specialized engineers wound the copper coils around each other so that the primary coil is able to induce current directly into the secondary coil. Our engineered isolation transformers are designed with subtle specifications for the sensitive circuits since these circuits handle the direct pressure rendered by the high voltage current with too much susceptibility. Grant Transformers levies great deal attention on the appropriate designs as well as its copper coils since the entire isolating function is dependent on the coils and designs.

Verified Functions Served by the Isolation Transformers:

The primary importance of the isolation transformer is capacitance prevention since capacitance raises the linking existing between the chief and secondary and in turn causes a high sound frequency. Moreover, these devices even get one particular electricity voltage converted to another level. Since the coils are refrained from coming into contact with each other, so the input and the output circuits are separated from each other.

  • The device is essential for replacing the isolation in different circuits. Such devices are used in varied industries for satisfying numerous functions other than reducing or raising the electric current. As a result, it is helpful in separating the primary and secondary windings in its 1:1 ratio.
  • Mitigating the electrocution risks, the isolation power transformers are well tailor made which can successfully provide a separation to exist between an individual and the resource, thus ensuring safety. The vessel is connected to the electrical power source, so in such cases, the power line ceases to restore a connection with that of the electric wings.
  • The noises, as well as the other sounds, are reduced. The noises are all prevented which arise out the audio amplifier signal directly connected with the speaker output. Again, the noises arising due to the separation of the audio amplifier to its module from the audio amplifier.
  • Direct current power isolation is promoted with the help of the isolation transformer. Even these apparatus support the telephone lines which work to amplify digital information at every regular interval. In these circumstances, the isolation transformers functions in separating the direct current from the signals which are in control over the amplifier.