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Grant Transformer is one of Australia’s best manufacturers of power and distribution transformer solutions that can help you step up or step down to provide the best renewable energy solutions for your needs. These systems offer the highest levels of power to your most energy-demanding equipment while also providing low-voltage machinery and applications that require less energy. 
This provides you with the energy to convert the voltages to your exact specifications, and we can deliver power transformer solutions to most Australian locations. We offer packages for a variety of industries, including mining, oil and gas, renewables, food and beverage, agricultural, and industrial operations in metropolitan areas such as construction – as well as temporary solutions for a variety of commercial applications. 


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Leading Transformer Manufacturer in Australia

Grant transformers have a solution for your rental electrical distribution needs. We integrate switchgear and protection functions into everything from bare transformers to fully containerized substations transformers
At Grant, we not only provide power generation solutions through our extensive range of low-voltage generators, but we also maintain a large fleet of transformers and their quality, allowing us to meet the needs of our customers in industries such as mining, utilities, food and beverage, and distribution facilities. 

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Who Grant Transformer Services?


Quality Transformers are an essential component of the electric power transmission and distribution infrastructure, and they must be monitored to avoid potential faults. Failure of a transformer can easily cost several million dollars to repair or replace, and will also result in a loss of revenue to customers until the symptoms are identified and repaired. Keeping all of these serious issues in mind, our manufacturing activities are highly automated, allowing us to bring to market competitive products with high qualitative standards even in limited quantities. Not only that, various parameters like the temperature, current, and oil level of the transformer are all monitored.

Continuous Process and Automation

Our Research and Development department uses cutting-edge technologies to design and manufacture the majority of our production equipment and software in-house. Furthermore, our production lines employ sophisticated techniques for statistical analysis of testing results, allowing us to identify defects that would otherwise go unnoticed.  We were able to achieve excellent qualitative results by automating tests that were previously performed by operators, thanks to the extensive use of vision systems. Because each managerial and administrative activity is highly computerised, we can provide our customers with accurate and timely services.  We were able to achieve excellent qualitative results by automating tests that were previously performed by operators, thanks to the extensive use of vision systems. Because each managerial and administrative activity is highly computerised, we can provide our customers with accurate and timely services. 


Transformers are also used in the charging of batteries. The voltage must be properly controlled to avoid damaging internal battery components, which can only be accomplished with the assistance of a transformer. The presence of a transformer in a circuit breaker can assist in starting and stopping the flow of current with the aid of a switch, thereby protecting against any damage caused by a high-voltage current. As an electrician, the most common transformers you'll come across are pole-mounted models that convert high voltages from power plants to lower voltages for household use. Repairing a damaged transformer or installing a new one in a new housing development could be part of your job. Another important application for transformers is to control the power of the alternating current, which aids in increasing efficiency and, ultimately, lowering electricity bills.

Colleges and Universities

Many educational institutions have rapidly declining electrical infrastructures that need to be repaired or replaced. College transformer maintenance is critical due to changing electrical service models and round-the-clock usage. Universities can help campus power remain operational by selecting high-quality units. Grant Transformers assists universities and colleges in locating the solutions they require to maintain campus power. We provide several options for investing in an optimal transformer solution.

Hospital and Medical Centers

Power transformers are essential components in all types of medical equipment. Everything from electronic dental tools to medical lab equipment and heart monitors requires power transformers to function properly. Medical equipment also requires a stable power supply that is protected from power surges and fluctuations.  Some of the most common applications for medical-grade isolation power transformers are MRI and CAT scan equipment, portable medication dispensers, oxygen pumps, hospital beds and laboratory and hospital monitoring equipment.  

Just in time suppliers

We align the delivery schedules with their customers' production schedules in order to deliver parts and components precisely when needed. Failure to deliver "just in time" can result in penalties, and a power outage caused by a transformer failure can be extremely expensive for both parties. Grant specialises in emergency transformer replacements in order to minimise downtime and provide backup transformers in these circumstances. 

On-site contractors

The on-site transformers provide a 110V RLV supply and are available in a variety of inclosure designs and ratings ranging from 3 kVA to 20 kVA. There are various distribution arrangements available, including 16A and 32A sockets and/or hard-wired lighting outlets with MCB protection and the option of RCD protection.  Models with a plug-in mains connection via an appliance inlet (fixed plug) are also available, as are dedicated site lighting Transformers with an integral time clock and contactors for automatic control of lighting circuits. 


Modern avionics are highly complex networks capable of producing, distributing, and storing their own electrical energy — generators and alternators generate electricity, and a system of transformers, rectifiers, and inverters helps to distribute and convert that energy, by voltage and current, for use by each individual system.  This one-of-a-kind system, as well as the critical flight systems it supports, such as altitude, location, and flight path monitoring systems, would not be possible without the use of electromagnetics. Three high-performance electromagnetic components are especially important. 

Mining Sector

Power transformers are primarily used in the intricate and heavy electrical appliances used in mines for AC/DC power conversion as well as voltage maintenance. They protect against electrical sparks caused by the mine's humidity/moisture content. They are also in charge of preventing system failures caused by sudden fluctuations in the input voltage. Grant has sold many power transformers to the mining industry; we have professional engineers who can design a plan for you; please contact us for more information


The global demand for transportation is increasing rapidly, and current trends indicate that passenger and freight transportation activities will more than double by 2050. The rail sector is the most energy-diverse mode of transport, despite being among the most energy-efficient modes of transport for freight and passengers. Railway transformers are a diverse group of products designed for onboard and earth applications. Control displays, signalling devices, radio equipment, battery chargers, and braking systems are common applications. Power output can range from 30W to 5kW. Our expertise in this field distinguishes us from the competition; we understand that the purpose of railway transformers and special toroids is to ensure electrical continuity and to distribute power to other devices on the train while taking into account the aggressive factors from the surrounding elements.

Why Do These Industries Partner with Grant Transformers?

Many of Grant’s high-voltage transformers have multiple taps with the highest standards, allowing for a variety of applications throughout Australia. We individually customise the design, functionality, and safety features of our power transformers to meet the requirements of each customer, ensuring that you receive the best performance possible so that you can continue working. Additionally, our power transformers are constructed to adhere to the following industries’ Australian Standards: 
  • Energy 
  • Mining 
  • Industrial 
  • Infrastructure  
  • Electrical Contractor 
At Grant, we are able to design the package to meet your needs by utilising our extensive fleet range and our unique ability to customise engineered solutions that match our customers’ demands. Also, we have expertise in custom-made transformers that are tailored to specific dimensions, physical constraints, and terminations. Choose us for a wide range of services and all of your high-power transformer rental requirements in Australia. 
As one of the best transformer companies in western Australia, we specialise in customising solutions for our clients be it single-phase or three-phase isolation transformers, delivering portable site generators, gas-powered generators, cooling, heating, installation and a variety of other solutions to industries across the country. Speak with the Grant team and we will put together a package that is tailored to your needs. 

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